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Healthy Lunchbox Ideas to Fill Your Freezer


To stock your freezer full of grab-and-go school snacks that your kids (and adults!) will actually look forward to eating, try these
healthy lunchbox recipes below. These healthy lunchbox ideas are nut free and can be made ahead and stored in the freezer, saving you SO much time and stress in the kitchen!



I am a huge fan of simple and affordable lunchbox snacks. Handy snacks and lunches that can be made ahead and added to lunchboxes alongside fruit and veggies. And being nutritious and able to be stored in the freezer is also a bonus!

Freezer friendly lunchbox fillers save so much time and mean that you can have a store of healthy, convenient snacks to add to your lunchboxes in no time!

Usually, schools require lunches to be packed nut free. If your school is a nut-free zone, don’t worry! All of these recipes are free from nuts and a variety offer other allergen free options.

All of these recipes can be easily and safely stored in an airtight container and frozen for up to 3 months. Some snacks may need wrapping or separating with baking/parchment paper first.

So let’s get started, your freezer will be organised in no time!

Sweet Healthy Lunchbox Ideas

Salted Caramel Nut Free Bliss Balls
These completely indulgent salted caramel nut free bliss balls are healthy, refined sugar and dairy free. Best of all, they taste like a decadent dessert! With a sweet caramel flavour and a little burst of salt, these healthy bliss balls are kid friendly and completely delicious. Perfect for breakfast on the go, a tasty lunchbox treat or a nutritious vegan snack.
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Easy, Healthy Banana Bread
Try this soft, moist banana bread made with healthy ingredients like oats, applesauce, chia seeds and dates. This healthy banana bread is easy to make and with no added sugar, it is perfect for a healthy snack or light breakfast!
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Chocolate Zucchini Muffins
The BEST Choc Zucchini Muffins, made with no refined sugar and healthier ingredients, oozing with incredible chocolatey goodness. Do you want to choose a healthier snack, but still satisfy your sweet tooth? Then these moist and rich hidden veggie muffins are for you! Healthier ingredients are used, the result still tastes like decadent chocolate cake.
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Apple Pie Nut Free Bliss Balls
Healthy lunchboxes don't have to be boring! Flavoured with cinnamon and apple pie spices, these nut free bliss balls are made using healthy, kid-friendly ingredients. A tasty and popular snack for kids and adults alike.
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Healthy Banana Muffins
Soft and delicious, this recipe for healthy banana muffins is easy, fast and can be made in just one bowl! My healthy banana muffins with yogurt and wholemeal flour are refined sugar and butter free, naturally sweetened instead with ripe bananas and honey. They make an ideal lunchbox snack, sweet treat or portable breakfast on the go.
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Chocolate Coconut Slice
Healthy lunchboxes don’t have to be boring. This healthy, no bake choc coconut slice is so delicious! It’s also free from nuts, eggs and refined sugar and can also be dairy free depending on the type of chocolate you use.
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Blueberry Quinoa Cupcakes
These blueberry quinoa cupcakes are fluffy and delicious! Free from refined sugars, they make a wholesome grab-and-go breakfast or snack that the whole family will love.
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Lemon Bliss Balls
These healthy lemon delicious bliss balls are sweet, tangy and so full of flavour! They are kid friendly and free from nuts, refined sugars and additives. Full of healthy ingredients, they make the perfect lunchbox or work snack.
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Banana Berry Breakfast Cookies
These healthy berry banana breakfast cookies are easy to make and are perfect for a nutritious breakfast or snack. They are dairy free, nut free, egg free and refined sugar free, making a perfect healthy lunch box treat.
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Healthy Nut Free Muesli Bar Recipe
These nut free muesli bars are loaded with oats, healthy seeds and dried fruit for a filling and delicious snack that will satisfy your tastebuds and keep you feeling full!
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Healthy ‘LCM’ Bars
When you are looking for a tasty and healthy kids’ lunch box treat, look no further than these delicious and healthy LCM bars! Rather than processed LCM bars (or Rice Krispie treats) that are packed full of marshmallow and sugars, these bars are made using healthier ingredients. Free from nuts, additives and refined sugars, they make a safe and healthy lunch box treat that your kids will love.
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Apricot and Coconut Bliss Balls
Nut free apricot balls are the perfect snack for morning or afternoon tea! Because they are nut free, they also make a safe and healthy lunchbox treat.
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Chocolate Bliss Balls
Make your kids’ day by adding these rich, chocolate nut free bliss balls to their lunchboxes! Made with healthy, kid-friendly ingredients including oats, dates and chia seeds, these nut free bliss balls make the perfect snack for kids and adults alike.
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Healthy Raw Cookies
These healthy raw cookies are absolutely delicious. They are free from nuts, eggs, dairy and refined sugar, satisfying your sweet tooth without overloading on sugar and fat. Sweetened with fruits and honey, these healthy raw cookies also have a lovely cinnamon flavour that kids love. They take just a few minutes to prepare and, because all of the ingredients are mixed in a food processor, there are minimal dishes!
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Nut Free Choc Mint Bliss Balls
Add some excitement to your lunchbox with these healthy, nut free choc mint bliss balls! Flavoured with cocoa, mint and dates, these nut free bliss balls are made using healthy, kid-friendly ingredients. A tasty and popular snack for kids and adults alike.
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No Bake Apricot Chia Energy Bars
These no bake apricot chia energy bars contain only good ingredients. Apricots, chia and sunflower seeds, coconut and dates with a little brown rice syrup for sweetness. These bars contain good energy ingredients that will keep your kids (or you) going throughout the day. Perfect for snacks, lunchboxes or to pack for travelling.
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No Bake Muesli Slice
This healthy no bake muesli slice is a quick, easy and delicious saviour for school (or work!) lunches! It can be made in less than five minutes and contains only good things like fruit, seeds and oats. Perfect for lunchboxes, this healthy slice is free from refined sugars, and is also nut free.
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Raspberry Bliss Balls
These healthy, nut free raspberry bliss balls are delicious, easy and super quick to make. Because they are made without nuts, they make a safe, healthy lunchbox snack. Or a tasty afternoon sweet snack, minus the guilt.
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Banana Cake Bliss Balls
If you love banana cake but want a healthier option, then these banana cake bliss balls with chocolate chips are for you! Packed with healthy ingredients, these delicious balls are a perfect portable snack. Great for lunchboxes, travel and snacking. Just freeze, then grab-and-go!
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Savoury Lunch Box Ideas;

Vegetable Nuggets
Perfectly golden on the outside and packed full of healthy ingredients like chickpeas and vegetables, these crunchy vegetable nuggets are a great way to get some extra veggies into your diet! Kids will love these delicious vegetable and cheese nuggets for a fun dinner, snack or healthy school lunch.
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Cheese and Vegemite scrolls
Try my easy to follow cheese and Vegemite scrolls recipe for a delicious lunch or after school snack! Made using a simple pizza dough recipe, cheese and Vegemite scrolls are affordable, easy to make and super delicious. They will also make your house smell incredible!
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Corn and Feta Fritters
Soft in the middle with slightly crispy, buttery edges, these corn fritters with creamed corn are fast, easy to make and use simple pantry staples! Bursts of sweet corn and salty feta balance perfectly to make these fritters ideal for dinners, a light vegetarian lunch or lunchbox filler that the whole family will love. But be sure to make a double batch, because they will disappear quickly!
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Healthy Homemade Sausage Rolls
Try making your own healthy sausage rolls at home with this super easy recipe! These flaky, juicy and healthy homemade sausage rolls are an indisputable family favourite. Delicious and kid-friendly, they are perfect for everyday baking, party finger food, family dinners or as a special lunch box treat.
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Roast Pumpkin Soup
This roast pumpkin soup is a tasty and comforting meal idea, perfect for the whole family! A classic pumpkin soup recipe made with caramelised roasted vegetables and chicken stock, this delicious and healthy soup will keep you toasty warm in the cooler months. Top it with a swirl of cream or sour cream for the ultimate winter indulgence.
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Easy Zucchini Slice
This simple zucchini slice recipe is made using simple pantry and fridge staples, making it an affordable and delicious dinner, lunch or school treat. It is also a great way to use up excess zucchinis. For something a little different, try baking the delicious mixture into muffins instead!
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For more lunchbox inspiration, check out these recipes. For tips on time saving and bulk baking school lunches, see this post here. 

To save time and money on healthy school (and work!) snacks, see my 50 Healthy School Snacks E-BOOK! It also contains a bonus Guide to Making 2 Minute Lunches.

If you try these healthy lunchbox ideas, I’d love to hear about it! Feel free to leave a comment or review below, or send me a message. For more food inspiration, tips and to share your own recipes and creations, head over to my Facebook Recipe Group. 

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