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Yumbox 6 Compartment Bento Lunchbox

Yumbox helps you pack healthy, balanced lunches with variety and just the right portions! These compact bento-style boxes are lightweight, kid-friendly and leak-proof, perfect for school bags and travel!


With 6 compartments and a single lid, Yumbox is perfect for kids who like variety. Divided into 5 half-cup portions of key food groups, plus a treat/dip section. Perfect for packing wet foods like yoghurt and dips (but not water or runny liquids). Choose from a range of bright, popular colours!


Benefits of Yumbox:

  • Pack a waste-free lunch.
  • YumBox eliminates the need for zip-lock bags, multiple lids, plastic wrap, and single use disposable containers. 
  • Turn your child’s meals into a food adventure by offering a healthy variety of foods that will instil good eating habits in a fun way.


  • Perfect for young children (toddlers-age 8)
  • 100% free from BPAs, phthalates. CPSIA and FDA compliant.
  • Five main food compartments accommodate ½ cup servings to assist parents in preparing a healthy lunch with a variety of foods to create a balanced meal.
  • Sections are labelled; protein, dairy, fruit, veggies and grains.
  • Yumboxes are easy to clean. The inner food tray can be removed easily for cleaning or packing.
  • Alternative to the Yumbox Panino design, which perfect for adults and growing children of all ages. 
  • If you are packing food that needs to be kept cold, we recommend packing Yumbox in a thermal tote with an ice pack to keep contents cool.
  • Dishwasher safe. Top rack only. Hand washing is recommended for the outer shell and/or removing it before the dry heat cycle. 


21.5 cm  x 15 cm  x  5 cm and weighs 600g.


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