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About Us

Ever since I can remember, I have loved making people happy with food. I love the satisfaction that comes with creating a beautiful dish that is enjoyed by everyone.

My name is Andrea. I am a mum to four beautiful kids, happy wife and passionate home cook. We live in our dream home in gorgeous East Gippsland in Victoria with our two dogs, cat, five sheep, two cows and chooks.

I love cooking, baking, experimenting with different ingredients and inventing new recipes in the kitchen. I find the cooking process so calming- it really is my happy place. My kids are also starting to develop the same passion. Cooking and learning together is a great way to spend quality time and grow our relationship, whilst also teaching them lifelong skills. The Cooking Collective is a culmination of my passion for cooking and years of carefully tried and tested recipes. Being able to grow a business based around something I love really is a dream come true.

Five years ago, we built our home and started planting. We have built a big vegetable patch with herbs and seasonal veggies and we have planted in excess of thirty fruit trees including apples, citrus, olives, nuts and passionfruit, as well as berries. I love using home grown ingredients to cook and create, the convenience of growing our own food and being able to step outside to gather our ingredients, rather than buying them.

I work part time in a career that I love- and combining that with looking after our four kids and other commitments means that life is constantly busy! I believe that cooking quick and delicious meals at home can fit into your busy life and should be easy. And I truly believe that ANYONE can do it.

As my blog grows, you will find ‘all things food’- beautiful recipes, quick and easy dinners, cooking with home grown produce, recipes for kids, healthy lunchbox and snack ideas, decadent desserts, baking and more. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

Andrea xx

The-Cooking-Collective-Family-beautiful recipes, easy dinners, recipes for kids, healthy lunchbox ideas, decadent desserts, baking and more